What to eat when socializing !!

For me party,marriage, engagements,social gatherings,movie and get-together's were a synonym for unhealthy junk food. No celebration was (or rather even now sometimes) complete without food. It resulted in unhealthy, unfit and over weight body. I started ignoring these gatherings so that I could avoid binging. It took all the fun out of my life and I slowly realized this is not a solution. It lead me nowhere. I was trying but in wrong direction.

So now what's the perfect solution, I discussed it with friends and this is what I concluded :

1. Never avoid your cravings, eventually you will end up eating much more. The trick here is have everything but in moderation.

2. Go out with friends to cafe, restaurant or whatever place you wish, sip on green tea along with spicy gossip session.

3. In case you are sitting among group of people and do not want to have anything, order a water based drink along with food and sip it on slowly while others are busy munching junk.

4. Eat slowly in order to avoid any kind of over eating.

5. Opt for Pop-Corns in a movie. In case you craving for a cold drink, have a sip in the end and slowly ditch this habit too.

6. At Events like marriages or engagements etc, ditch the snacks and oily food instead opt for fruits, juices, steam corns, dosa and dal-chapati. Avoid Maida as much as possible and keep sipping on water to avoid extra eating.

This is what I have learnt and I am trying my 100 percent to apply these to my daily life. What do you do on such occasions, Any tips ?? Do share in comments below.

Now coming to the outfit, I wore this for engagement function of a friend recently. The silk kurta was love at first sight. Also, I loved the cobalt blue and yellow combi; Isn't it pretty ?

                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. You look lovely! Great tips!

    Sita xx

  2. Love the combination of the colours. You're looking so much fresher and brighter :)

  3. Love ur outfit..u look really cute in blue n yellow.
    N i so relate to the overbinging at marriages n get together. But i let it be..! I know..it results in flab, but i try to compensate for it in the gym.

    New Post Up

  4. yellow on blue, my favourite combi. Love the look